How do i get to the archived forums... i'm thinking of pick up Singularity and i want to get some information on it first. thanks.


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It was here...Old Forums but I get a "Runtime Error" when I try.  Here's a web site I used for Singularity.  It has spoilers!  Singularity

well that sucks... thanks.

the forums have been read only for a while now.

I was surprised by how well done, unique, and interesting Singularity was. I kind of want to go back again and buy it myself.

[quote user="ADrunkCanadian"]

the forums have been read only for a while now.

[/quote]yeah but i can't even read them i get "Runtime Error" just trying to open them like chicken said.


What information do you need?

was just looking for some opinions on the game like if it was easy to play through on hard, if the achievements were fun, if the multiplayer was fun, if people still play it... what others didn't like about it... you know the typical research of a game i know very little about.