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How do I complete act 1 and 2 in another way?


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its on the mission The Belgian Problem its the one where you can either save or blow up the building you could save befor the mission & do both or if not you will have to start again & play up to that point ....... hope this helps

Oh, thats what I didn't want to hear, so I have to start a new game and do the opisite?

yes m8 you do i did it that way

lol can't be bothered tbh, I rented it on Friday, got 940 gamer score out of it - that'll do me for now, great game though, will be sad to see it go, will look out for a price drop, I knew I should have baught it from Gamestation for £19.99 before Christmas -.-

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yes m8 you do i did it that way


You actually can get both achievements in one playthrough. During the Belgian Problem, BEFORE you pick either to keep or destroy the Morning Star base, save your game then make your choice. After the achievement pops, reload that savefile and pick the other choice. Then, you'll have both achievements without having to replay the game.

hi deaths head 200 i no you could mate but thats what i had to do to get it as i dident realize till after i had completed the game :)