Single Player Leaderboard?

Hey does anyone know how the single player leaderboard works? I have a score but I have no idea what the score means or how it is calculated. I'd like to improve my single player leaderboard position but I wouldn't even know how to start.


Also, is it true that ranked multiplayer shows which deck you plan on playing? man, that is GARBAGE if it's true. I wish they would have a random deck option too. That would be fun.


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not sure about the leaderboard but yes online u can see what deck everyone is using hopefully it gets patched i even went on wizards forum to post  a complaint about it to try to give them a  nudge to patch it(which they prolly will anyway they did with the 1st game)

Yeah, this was, at one point, a huge problem with the first game.  I'm surprised they forgot about that.