Single Player and MP are they different games?

Hey, wanted some advice on how Single player vs. multiplayer works.  Are they two unique games, can I play the single-player and go back and forth between multiplayer?  Or should I complete the single player game first, then do MP?  Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!




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You can play single player and multiplayer whenever you want. It's probably good to do some of the single player first though if you're new to AC so that you can be good at free running and all that for escaping in the MP but other than that you can do whatever you like; single player then multiplayer, start with multiplayer then do single player... Variety is the spice of life.

The idea is basically the same. In single player you basically own everyone, stealth or no stealth. Multiplayer you apply many of the techniques you use in single player (stealth, free run, assassination) except with more of a challenge than in single player.