Since the patch...

...Lag compensation has been affecting me much, much worse.  It's as bad as the first couple days the game came out.  I'll shoot 10 shots into a guy, as indicated by the bottom-right part of my HUD, and after I die it scales back to maybe four shots fired (also indicated by my HUD).  Then I watch the killcam and he shot several shots into me before I pulled up my gun.


It could be the fact that I am at home rather than at my university, but I've never really had a problem with that before in past CoD games, even MW3.  There wasn't much of a difference.


Has anyone else been experiencing connection problems as a result of the patch?


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I don't know if it was because of the patch but I was in party chat with a few friends today who were playing Black Ops 2 and they were saying they had alot of issues with lag etc ..

I think this issue really needs to be fixed on the server side. Maybe something to boot people automatically who have lowsy connections. I've noticed the same thing. But for me, a lot of it was my technique when I was firing for some of my kills. Other times I'm like you, I riddle someone with bullets only to have the killcam show I never fired a shot. Then there are times when I will barely hit someone from across the map and they go down. Other times I'll light'em up and have nothing happen.

since the update my lag compensation has way improved, it was nearly unplayable before the patch but now i am rinsing it. =)

I just played a couple games of LP, and it was rough at first but after the first half-game it was a lot better.  I had few issues with LP back when lag compensation was killing me in pubs as well, so I'm starting to think it might have been the patch.  Meh.


Also, my teammates were incredibly incompetent in League Play.  Dropped about 10 places from one loss.  Won't be going into Moshpit solo again for a while. haha

I think Moshpit LP is a wash... There's no way to be any good at it UNLESS you get a team together, which makes it redundant because that's what the Championship series is for...

what did the patch do?

1) Made infrastructure and performance improvements to Live Streaming.

2) Made streaming performance improvements to video playback in CODTV.

3) Addressed an issue where flight range parameters for airborne vehicles could be deleted in the middle of a match due to a network interruption. This fix resolves

the following symptoms reported by the community:

4) Escort drone flying under the map

5) Inability to call in the Dragonfire

6) FHJ-18 weapon level is now increased by destroying Scorestreak vehicles and aircraft.

7) Care Package/AGR canister exploit has been addressed.

8) Patched a small map exploit in Aftermath.

9) Addressed a rare situation that would cause the Emblem Editor menu to overlap other menus.

10) Balance pass on spawn influencers to improve cases causing non-optimal spawning under certain conditions.

11) Improved performance for emblem uploads to prevent an occasional hang. If there is an error connecting to servers during an upload, you will now be able to

re-try your save.

12) Emblems and Clan tags will now appear correctly on the Assault Shield when stowed on the back.

13) Addressed all reported UI error code messages.

14) Elite Clan Friends list no longer actively sorts players when their status is updated. The player list will refresh after closing and re-opening the tab.

15) Improved a number of emblem icons in the Emblem Editor.

16) Junkyard IV reward added to Calling Cards.

^^ Ha, beat you to it by quoting your own post Kanaye! :P

Damn you, Keith! >:(

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