picture the scene, i'm at SL 101, kiln of the first flame, having trouble killing Gwyn. . .so off I run to beef my stats and weapon up a bit, then mistakenly drop my Pyromancy glove/flame in Snugglys nest, lost forever. . .my collection of +15 fireball, chaosfireball, Iron flesh etc. . .useless!!

does anybody have a pyro glove to trade, ive got stacks of goodies i'd happily part with so drop me a wishlist, would be huuuuuuugely grateful!!


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Can't you just buy another one and upgrade it?


Unfortunately not. Im at the kiln now, Quelana got the chop after i'd bought her wares, Eingyi also, and Laurentius eventually turned hollow in Blighttown after I maxed out my pyromancy with him.

So its a no-go unfortunately. no choice but to beg, unless you know of any other way?

well. . . . beg or trade of course! :-)

i got a spare one dude, whats your soul level atm? if you help me beat gwyn in ng+ ill give it to ya free of charge