Similar games?

Hey folks,

I'm looking for games of similar genre where there's a lot of adventure involving exploration of a beautiful city (other ex: Fable2, Dreamfall) ... minus the killings. So pretty much adventure/fantasy games with a plot that involves theft/puzzle instead of violence. Any such games exist for xbox 360? :-P A perfect example would be Myst (but more graphically enhanced) which unfortunately doesn't exist for xbox 360. Any ideas folks?


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What about Batman Arkham City - Still a bit violent but Batman doesn't kill people

Yeah I would say Batman Arkham City or Red Dead Redemption.

He said he don't want a violent game lol I'm pretty sure red dead is a violent game lmao

that just have to wait this as training and then going and killing people

I'm sorry but there are no games like that

well i think you are looking for free wrold i assume ... try downloading or buying bk nuts and bolts its fun you should try it :D but other than that i dont know any are around any where .... sorry bro

Thanks guys! After A LOT of searching, I found these games that I really like: Viva Pinata and Mini Ninjas. Also, arcade games like Quarrel and Keflings are not bad either :)

Thanks for all your suggestions!

Well, what about Mirror's Edge?

Exactly what I thought Artszz, when I read the question.