Sim Online Association(X360)

SBN is currently recruiting members to take part in the upcoming online association for NBA 2K12. We are a newly found association looking to place ourselves as a top sim league. To join SBN, head over to and sign up. After signing up, post in the "sign up thread" located in the forums. Make sure you have read the rules. We are also on the DLG Network, be sure to check them out at

You can also find me on XBL at ThisIsBob

82 Game Season
8 Min Q's
Custom Sim Sliders
24 Users(May vary)


-Play SIM ball
-Play by the RULES

Check out...


GT : ThisIsBob


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Or it's unstoppable when you get no collision at all holding the RT button, just saying. No cross over moves or nothing

Haha, those RULES are nonsense.  Maybe you should just up your game.

Don't turbo around the defender to avoid contact and get a layup/dunk. Haha, sounds like u get worked by d. rose a lot.  

You better put a rule in for no one-legged fadeways too, cause you ain't stopping dirk.