silent hunter!!

I see there's a beta for world of tanks, on xbl.  consider if you will the fact that maybe world of warships could also eventually wind up on xbl.  the problem.. there's no subs!



anyway i've been a fan for awhile now, & think its high time xbox got a silent hunter port. even the upcoming silent hunter online game.?



I know sims are better suited for pcs, because of the potential difficulties in translating all the keyboard mapping inputs to a controller / mods / etc.



still, I would be willing to purchase a SH xb game, even if its one of the older ones on xbla, especially considering I don't have a pc that can run sh 4 or 5, currently.



yes, there's naval ****. that's hardly a sim though, not to mention its not very historically accurate. outside of that, to the best of my knowledge, there's no other submarine dedicated games - in the entire xb catalog.?




surely there's others out there that realize the lack of sub sims, because there is one.








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Is this a submarine game? I love the sounds submarines make.Its like weird pingy Star Trek sounds.Then they go in high alert mode and have the coolest alarm sounds.Seriously -I gotta get one.I remember a coin operated game the had a periscope.I think we made home made periscopes in school with the boxes aluminum foil comes with.