Silent Hill, the scariest games ever to play at night?

For me they are. Next would be the Fear games, i know i had more game titles in my head, but i forget them.


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Oh yes, Silent Hill all the way. The Toluca Prision in 2 STLL messes with me. "Are you sure? Are you sure?" I swear that is what its saying. And the breathing Hallway in the third floor.

    After that, Fatal Frame 2 hit me the hardest. She just kept laughing and laughing... and couldn't stop her.

Dead Space felt like a mix of Silent Hill and resident Evil. Despite having more action than other horror games, it still managed to put me on edge.

   I never could find Resident Evil scary, even pre-4.

Amensia, people, if you love horror, play that game.

Silent Hill 1 from the Playstation One days gets me, it still freaks me out in the school with the little ghosts making that high pitched noise. and i am 34 in a couple of weeks lol.

started playing SH1 again and it still makes me jump! Metro 2033 has its moments too. On the game cube there was eternal darkness which would factor in how scared your character was and and then cause all sorts of effects. the opening level to dead space two had both me and my mate Dave screaming (and we are both grown men).

The suffering was of the ones i was thinking of. Haven't played 1 or 2 in years. Dead space is really creepy for sure! Doom 3 as well. If any of the games you guys said are for xbox i will look into getting them.

Favorite survival horror franchises aside, Fatal Frame 1 and System Shock 2 are probably the scariest games I've ever played.--Period. It was years ago, but I was still an adult then as well, meaning I wouldn't chalk up the experience to being young. Honorable mentions go to the REmake on the GCN and Doom 3 on PC. Dead Space 1 is the only game that gave me chills this generation.

silent hill is my all-time favorite creepy kinda game.

after "The Room" on PS2 the rest of it is crap.

A lot of great games mentioned in this thread, but Fatal Frame takes the cake in my book. That game really freaked me out.

Dead Space with headphones on. That game created incredible tension with sound. I have never played any Silent Hill games but the new one looks pretty interesting.

Dead Space 1 + 2 play at night with the brightness all the way down plus i got a gaming headset which adds to the

creepy-ness even more

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I was playing Homecoming  the other night,My wife n Daughter were in bed.I was in the dark it was about 1am. I let the game and my imagination spooke me out that much I had to play the game without the head phones on and the lamp turned on.LOL


I didnt find Homecoming that scary, the older silent hills were scarier to me

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