change occurred?

Has anyone else gotten this error message when starting the demo? I also got this error when booting ME2.


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This has happened to me as well. The weird thing is, I didn't have online for awhile and it did NOT let me play the game(Mass Effect 2). I don't know what causes it though.

It occasionally does that with ME2 for me and it has done it once with the ME3 demo. I honestly do not know why it keeps doing it.

There was a period of about a week where I got this message once a day for both the ME3 demo and ME2. My friends received it as well, but not with the frequency that I did. I will assume that it was EA's spectacular (read crappy) servers, or the assimilation of the ME3 server into the fold.

Yeah. I've been getting the same thing. Each and every time I start Mass Effect 3. It's like it has to start twice each time. Strange as I always use the same exact same profile, each time.

Same here, happens every time I play it