Well, sometimes this game is awesome, but most of the time it sucks. Hip-checking is...well lets just say that if you BARELY TOUCH someone who is hipchecking you, you fall down.I've hipchecked someone from 5ft away before, i slammed into the boards and he fell over.


I have an 89 overall on my Defensive D-man, who has 99 body checking,90 aggressiveness, 93 strength,87 balance,etc, and he is 6ft 4in weighing in at 225lb. Guess what,HE BOUNCES OFF OF PEOPLE. He refuses to knock people over on direct collisions,hell sometimes my player even falls over! To make it even worse, i have playmakers with 82 overalls, who have i think 65 body checking? I havent touched aggressiveness or body checking and he's 5ft 7in, he knocks people on their ****'s!


Goalies,the AI GOALIES ARE GARBAGE. I'm playing club(4's) and my goalie covers it,dishes it out RIGHT TO AN OPPOSING PLAYER! WHAT A JOKE! Again, the goalie dishes it out to the wrong team, but this time he's 10 ft out of the crease in a butterfly stance!


Well, I've vented almost enough. One more thing though. BACKDOOR wholy %$#@%$ $&#$, backdoorbackdoorbackdoorBACKDOOR, OMG, some teams ONLY go for backdoors. With a lag/delay induced game, the other team go's backdoor, if they cant they skate back towards the face off dot and go for it again and again and again.Every shot and every goal was a backdoor. We couldnt hit them or block the passes bc 1. the lag, and 2, the failure physics engine in the game.


Have you seen the hipchecks? You lay a hair on them, and you fall over.Sometimes you dont even have to be anywhere near them and you STILL FALL OVER. Get this, im playing D,me and my other dman lie down RIGHT IN FRONT OF AN OPPOSING PLAYER. Guess what. the dude must have 1000 puck control bc his stick and the puck physically went through both my players thighs, and through the other dmans arms, and went 5hole on the goalie. I watched the replay. his stick and puck went through us. YOU DO NOT CONTROL THE PUCK PHYSICALL THROUGH A PLAYER. Datsyuk cant even bring his stick and puck physically through a player.


Oh, and you guys wanna know the glitch shot? If you're lefty, bring the puck out to your left at 9 o'clock and shoot shortside over the goalies shoulder.


This game sucks 99% of the time. Why would i have an 89 Defensive dman, with 99 body checking and such, if he cant even make someone lose puck control, not even knock them down for god's sake!


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I seen the puck go THROUGH peoples bodies when shot from the point only to go under the goalies glove.

Game has issues, but are you really surprised?

I dont like a lot of the changes. The Hipchecking is a JOKE. The "Live Goalies" are a JOKE. No one tries to play hockey in HUT, they just swirl around till the players I'm not controlling lose their minds and then dangle right through all of them. The passing is ridiculously slow and inaccurate. My players take 5 half-hearted strides before they're anywhere close to full speed. The Net-front battle are a JOKE, it just makes it so they're out of position or facing the wrong way when there's a passing lane to them for a tap-in. Even the create-a-play mode doesn't really work, as they never go where they're supposed to or at speed. I always used to look at people who complained about NHL like they were fussing over nothing, but this time I fear they've ruined it.

good thing i waited to buy nhl 12 i knew EAs track record thanks guys for letting me know that nhl12 has issues i should just wait and wait and wait to buy it till it gets cleaned up and patched up

alot of the stuff has been fixed already taht's mentioned in this thread. Especially the hip-check and the faceoff loop glitch

yup I can honestly say they've fixed alot of stuff and done good things with the tuners. there's still alot of bull in EASHL but whatever

What about the other faceoff glitch?  Not the loop, but the one where the guy does the tie-up motion right away, never sets down to win the draw, never moves, but wins the draw automatically?  There is a 100%  guarantee way to beat it (just stick lift them to win it every time when they do it) however it does get old fast.  Shame people can't just play the damn game the way it's intended.

Still sucks. Now hipchecking is way underpowered. You won't knock someone over even if realistically you should've. NHL11 glitch shot still works,not as often as it did, but it works  I'd say 60% of the time. Goalies are still too slow. Backdoor's = empty net. wraparound always goes in(not really a wraparound, you just skate fast around the net and shoot anywhere farside). If you hold LB while attempting a faceoff win, you win it 85% of the time.(Hold left or right or leave your stick in the middle, hold LB, and rotate the stick or move it backwards).Physics still suck. Also, does anyone notice, whenever a player is knocked over face first, he tends to have a seizure of some sort? There are Penalty shot moves that are 100% guarenteed goals but they're hard to explain. Break away move that works 100% of the time, if you're a righty, hold L and bring the puck way out to your left, release right analog stick and shoot shortside, just be sure that you dont bring the puck back forehand too soon or too late.

Again, this game sucks.

I think it's you who suck...it's a pretty good game if you've got a little bit of skill and a little bit of knowledge.

Me and my buddy just had a wicked weekend of hockey. He got his Legend card and I'm 40 some games away from mine. Saturday mornings are mint for playing people that are hung over!