Siege Mode incoming... ammount of DLC packs taking the biscuit?

Anyone else think the ammount of DLC modes for RE6 thats been released & the fact more keep getting released is taking the biscuit a bit? Talk about wanting to drain us dry, Honestly it's bloody shameless.


More of the DLC should of been INCLUDED with the game, not seperate, they suck, if I'm being honest, seems they will just keep churning out DLC content to try and penny pinch till their next RE installment with a absurd storyline comes along.


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Not really. I mean sure, it should have been included with the main game but considering how nearly every game has DLC these days I cant say this was much of a surprise.

Regardless, I am still waiting on some Campaign DLC and new Mercenaries characters before this DLC ship sinks.

Yeah gimme more and for a bargain price please!

More levels, characters and costumes would be awesome.

I do feel like at least the non-pre order Mercs maps should've been on the disc already. I'm not a huge fan of DLC especially if the game isn't huge already (CoD vs Skyrim for example). Yeah, companies love DLC - it's easy fast money for them. However, some just have better DLC policies than others, just sayin'.

you can get costumes from :P Only place earn points unlock points from there Plus Ask Capcom Forums they cant bring Costumes in story mode due memory limts or something they said..