Side quests glitched!!

In the side quest "Blood on the Ice" there is an objective "Get Assistance from Jorleif". I've already talked to him but this objective remains uncompleted. Another glitch happened on a Misc quest, asking me to kill a dragon and after which I will need to collect bounty from Skald. But even I've already got the gold from Skald, the quest is still out there.

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I came across the very same glitch last night. Also says to investigate the murder scene and nothing happens when I go there. Tried various workarounds and nothing. Luckily there's plenty of other quests to do, I just moved on to the next one.

Both of those glitches I have also, along with others.  They weren't fixed in the first patch, and aren't listed as being addressed in the patch due out any day now...they won't let me buy the Windhelm house!

LOL the objective asking you to "Investigate the Crime Scene" is not actually a bug... You should follow the blood path and you'll find yourself in front of a house with a Master lock. I don't know where to find the key so I picked it... Took me 10+ lockpicks to unlock.

I almost forgot... I also have a glitch "Visit the Shrine of Azura" after I have already got The Black Star...

I have just about each one of these. After an annoying amount of trial and error some are okay. In my game Skald's bounty is broke along with other bounties. After the investigation in Windhelm you get the key from the guy in the Jarls castle, follow the blood.

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<snip>...they won't let me buy the Windhelm house! </snip>


I have had the same issue. Pretty much the reason I gave up on the game for a while. I really hope 1.5 fixes some of this stuff. Not sure why but I really really want that house.

I have the key to the Windhelm house, they just won't let me buy the house.  I was never able to trigger the quest "Blood on the Ice," and when I go and look inside the house, there are blood spatters that say, "Investigate investigation target."  I've opened the secret compartment, etc, and know who the killer is, it just won't let me buy the house.

Who cares? It's just a side quest and there's like 1000x of them. My quest for the Gaulder amulet screwed over so I just did other quests.

Wurzy, how did you get the key to the house if you didn't start the Blood on the Ice quest? The whole thing triggers in the graveyard and the woman who has the key can be hard to find but if you got the key some other way, having it or going into the house won't trigger the quest. I did it all in one trip and that seems to be the optimal way to avoid glitching it. That quest works if you follow the directions step by step.

I don't know how I got the key...maybe I just lockpicked my way into the house...either way, I don't have the quest listed either in active or finished quests, and I never had the graveyard scene, or whatever it is at the beginning...