Side quest Blood on the ice * Possible spoilers*

This quest is so glitchy it isn't funny... I have made 4 characters in total and 1 character i cant find the lady Viola(  i haven't killed her) and the 2 chatacyer i can't even start it( my First time in windhelm is when i had to kill ulfreic). I entered Windhelm at least 10 times and it never shows up( i have checked Viola, and everybody possibly connected to the quest is alive...  I wouldn't really care about the quest but it prevents me from buying the house in windhelm and thus cant be Thane


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Yea, this quest took a glitch to the knee.

It's Really annoying when you find this out when your at least a good 20-40 hours into the game...

Have you checked out this page?

I've only just found this quest and couldn't talk to the guard without being caught for my crimes, so it'll be interesting to see how I find an infamous quest goes...

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Have you checked out this page?


Ya ... None of those bugs are even happening to me... 1 time she isn't there as in she just goes missing one day and my other attempt is it won't even start even though i checked that everybody that is connected to the quest is alive and well