Side projects.

I've recently decided to undergo a great project, and have been working on it as of late.

I have decided to level every weapon to it's highest proficiency level, unlocking the "Mastery" title avaliable to it. My mission is to unlock said title with every weapon, therefore showing that I am experienced with every possible weapon in the game, and have been able to level it up to it's highest potential.

This isn't necessarly good for the K/D ratio. Some guns are better than others, and since I play FFA most of the time, there are just some weapons that aren't good in that particular game mode. Still, I've found it to be a good deal of fun, when I end up winning a game with a gun that rarely gets any airtime as opposed to the millions of ACRs, PP90s, MP7s, Type 95s, and the MSRs.

Or, it could end in a bout of frustration as I question why anyone would bother ADSing the PM-9. I just broke down and threw Rapid Fire on there, with Range, and just hipfired everything to death with Steady Aim. It actually worked really well.

I'm almost done. I have one **** Rifle left (The CM901. It's...interesting. Less so when the sights randomly bounce away in a fit of anger), all the Sniper Rifles, and a few secondaries. I should finish by this Prestige.

What are some side projects you all worked on, if any?


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My top priority right now is playing for a full 30 minutes without succumbing to an earth shattering fit of rage. Seriously though, I'm going to do the same thing you're doing. I'm at 3rd prestige right now but don't think I'll be going past that for the foreseeable may as well have some fun.

  I havent prestiged yet. But I decided to go for gold camo on a nice handful of weapons.

  I've been working on the spas .......... had mastery on it for some time now, but just managed to complete all of the attachment challenges. I was on level 7 on kills challenge and was starting to think it might not be too bad.

  The kills VII is for 500 kills,  VI was 400 V was 300. So I'm thinking since it is a tougher weapon, maybe VIII will be 600 or maybe 750 .................... NOOOOOOOOO! its 1000

  Like you said, some of these can really cramp your k/d. I like using the spas, and dont really mind running negative for a while to accomplish something. Especially when I have as much funa s I do with this weapon. But I dont know if I'll stick it out on this one.

Mastered the AA12...even 1000 headshot title. All legit. I play TDM though... Have a 34% accuracy with it!!

I've been doing that too since the start. I get about 4 weapons per Prestige done only to 500 kills though so I can get the max proficiency title and kills title, but will have to get the 1000 kills emblem later on. I atleast try to get a AR, SMG, LMG and Shotgun done to mix it up a bit throughout the Prestige.


Currently using the SCAR and SPAS which I've almost finished, then it's on to the Pecheneg and PPM901.

On this prestige going for Gold on the L86. Also want to get 1000 kills with the Skorpion.

They really ruined it with the gold camo this time.

I am wanting to get gold for all the guns as well, but I am waiting for the third prestige (currently on the first). I want that blue emblem! :)

Just need to get the striker and AA-12 gold and ill be done with the shotguns lol

AA12 Gold is a blast... It really ticks people off when they see it in the Kill Cam. I run AA12 (Gold camo) - Extended Mags (45 rounds to start, I think 14 per clip...)  w/ Range. MP9 Extended mags (384 rounds at about 75-90/clip....)   Scavenger Pro, Assassin Pro, and Dead Silence Pro with a portable radar and semtex....     The class is a blast to use! It's kinda fun hearing the kids cry over the mic when I kill them repeatedly.... Call it a noob class or whatever you want. Fact is, it works great! The best part is sneaking up on snipers and shooting them in the back of the head.......with a shotgun of all weapons. They'll cry, guaranteed. Be careful though... Everyone thinks that the A12 is a "shoe-in" kill... It actually takes about 3-4 direct hits to put an opponent down. (depending on the connection)    Using this class I am ranked #72 in the world for "Most Shotgun Kills" and #73 for "most shotgun headshots"....

How can you tell your rank bassed off a certain gun?

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