Side Missons Info/help please

Hi in RPG's I like to go through all the side missions first and then do the main story.

Is there anyway I can keep track of how mnay side missions there is and where I can find them in the univrse and how do I tell which is a side mission or a main story mission?


Thanks :)


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Side missions pop up here or there. I got most by walking around the citadel and listening in on conversations. Some come up during quests or exploring the galaxy map. Main quest line missions will have "Priority" in the title in your journal. Keep in mind some quests can expire if they are time based, such as rescue missions, bomb missions, planet under attack, etc.

Someone mentioned something about N7 missions, are these the side missions?

They are technically side missions, although they are more important as far as your war assets go. Most of the N7 missions are in strategic locations that influence that part of the galaxy.



I think a good way to accomplish what you are trying to do is to do any other missions that you can prior to the ones that say "Priority" in your list on missions.  the way all the Mass Effect games work is you reach these critical missions, in the case of ME3, Priority Missions, which will move your campaign along.  sometimes if you play these too early, you can miss some of the side missions because the have to be completed prior to the priority one being done.


so for example, after leaving Earth, and doing the Mars Mission, and then going to the Citadel the first time, you will then have unlocked your "free roam" ability to go wherever.  you will then start getting the Priority Sur Kesh, then Priority Palaven, Priority Tuchanka, etc...  try to kick out any and all other missions so that the only thing left in your active missions are the next Priority Mission(s).  the only ones that you may not be able to do is if you have any of those little "retrieve the thing for someone at the Citadel" missions that just boost your Reputation or War assets.  some of those take time and require you to move the campaign along before they can be completed.


This way you will be sure not to miss any of the missions, Like Fear Thy Waffle said, there are some that do expire, although I think the only ones you can technically miss if you wait too long are the Grissom Academy and the Turian Platoon and then Bomb missions on Tuchanka.  when those pop up, you want to take care of them right away..


Also visit the Citadel a lot and pay attention to your email at your personal terminal for people looking for you at the Citadel..  if you wait to long on some of those, you can miss out.


then ultimately, you have to make sure you have everything done prior to attacking the Cerberus Base, because once you start that, there is no going back to do old missions before completing the game.

The N7 missions unlock at specific times...and by some coincidence each takes place ob what happens to also be a multiplayer map