Side missions!!

After you beat the game can you go back and finish the side missions you started?!?!?


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@rogue7029 After beating the game you are able to free roam and do side missions, look for riddler trphies, etc. You can switch between batman and catwoman via certain spots throughout the map which are signaled by a few cats. The spot I was brought to was atop a rooftop (near a batman/green riddler trophy that requires the electric shock gun to obtain) across the way from the Museum/Iceberg Lounge/Penguins spot.

There's a Catwoman bit after the end credits,once you've done that  you'll be able to do  free roam & clear up any side missions & Riddler Trophies etc.

How do you get back to the side missions?  I seem to be stuck on the catwoman missions on the resume game setting.

thanx =) i go back to the regualr story mode or game+ mode?!?!

Yep, and I've been doing side missions after I won story mode so much that I decided to take a break from the game completely.

Yes you can!