Sick of being unfairly stacked in MW3 matchmaking? Us too!

If you're a team player who is sick of having no one support you in objective games in MW3, then we have a lot in common! Me and a few buddies are looking for more people to team up with in MW3 and play Domination, Kill Confirmed, and Drop Zone. Being that these are objective-based games, we're looking for people who are team players and will talk strategy in-game. We're not super competitive, but we play to win... and winning is fun, so we play for fun too!


No, but seriously, if you're looking for a few good teammates in MW3, then feel free to friend/message me. I have one other person who I play with regularly, and our KDs are over 1 so you know we're not trash. Maybe. Try us out. Also, I'm a chick, so there you go. Hit me up teehee.


Side plug: We run as [CAKE], and we have a small clan, if anyone is looking for a casual group of people to hang (online) with! Thanks for looking!


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Roll on over to BF3 and/or Crysis 2 and have some fun times, woooo! :D

Oh I play Black Ops sometimes... Mostly zombies :)

Black Ops is a terrific game, probably better than MW3 in a lot of ways haha, but we're focused on trying to get a team for MW3 right now... but when Black Ops 2 rolls around, that's a different story ;)

i know, come on ,battlefield3 is where its at   ,,,[View:]       watch this is why ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you can always add on me     p.s not my youtube video 

black ops was good ,way better than mw3