i have been shunned from the Mojave outpost. no biggie, except i cannot fast travel to that location. Is this a common bug in the game?


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did you **** off the ncr?

You can fix your reputation completing missions involved with the NCR or in a  HQ in the strip ; if i remember well. I got shunned  by  a faction but i can Fast travel to their locations.

yea I got shunned trying to rescue 2 NCR troops held captive. I messed up and somehow wound up killing all the troops at the ruins. The weird thing is I am shunned from Goodsprings(Im making horrible choices) but can still fast travel to and from there

I don't think your standing with a group is supposed to affect your ability to fast travel to their locations.  I am vilified by the Powder Gangers but can still fast travel to the prison.  When I have fast travel issues it is that I can't fast travel anywhere, but I can usually resolve this by changing the zoom level on the map.  Once or twice I've had to save and reload my game to fix it.

ill try that doing that thanks

ya it bugs out sometimes and i have to load my last save to make it work, which is why i recomend to save often and use more than 1 save file.  i have 5 going on my current game!