Should The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim be backwards compatible with Xbox One?

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Considering its popularity, I think it'd be safe to say it will be backwards compatible eventually.

As much as I would like to see it on Xbox One; Bethesda needs to fix quite a few things, and so does Microsoft.

1) Fix any game bugs that cannot be gotten around; such as side missions that cannot be completed. There are many.  For example, I tried to complete the Redbelly Mine I didn't go back to . Filnjar , and when I realized this I set the pointer in the Quest list to him and traveled half-way across the world where the indicator was pointing (not Redbelly Mine) he wasn't there. Another such bug, Forsworn Conspiracy; I sometimes find Eltrys dead without explanation and cannot speak to him.

2) Bethesda should allow the use of mods creating by the moding community.  The only problem I see with this is that there is no way to get the content in to the game; and if there was it probably invalidates a lot of EULAs, warranties and other "contractual" obligations heaped upon us users.  For example, the Unofficial Skyrim Patch would be nice to have for the game. Nothing worse than having to start over due to a bug. Actually, I do see a possible way; create a patch for Skyrim that would hook in to a server where modders can upload content and we can get access to it; for free as the modders intended.

3) Here's a controversial idea - Allow the same access to the "game console" that the PC users get. I see PC gamers do things like fix broken missions by running console commands.

4) Create an in-game tool that compares outcomes, player owned equipment and such then determines that an adjustment needs to be done in order to get things back on track.  Something like Microsoft's Fix-It tool.

Personally i want skyrim on the xbox one because i love it with a passion, as well as many many others in the community. Microsoft and Bethesda should start working on this if they havent already, because im getting tired of switching between 360 and One just so i can play skyrim. I hope they add this so I and many others wont have to lay down their One controllers and pick up and dust off their old 360's or switch to the PC just to play it.

Skyrim needs to be backwards compatible.  

There is no doubt, skyrim will become backwards compatible.

Agreed my 360 system crashed on me and now i cant play it on the one.. I would love to and i know alot of the community that enjoys the hell out of the game instead of eso, even though that is a fun game. But the personal feeling of a single player game like skyrim is something you cant replace.

Thank you for all the replies to this i just hope at least Microsoft will listen to this and give it some great deal of thought, but my love of xbox just hit a new low with the fact that my friends system and as well as mine was running 1080p. But i went to settings today as well as my friend did last night and it has switched to 720 without warning. I have tried to reset it tried different cables and nothing.. my tv i know for a fact can run 1080p with not a problem so what has caused this issue and problem on two different systems in two different states.

Yes yes 1000 times yes!

i hope they bring a patch for the arrow dropping