Should MC monsters be harder?

I've played on a variety of difficulty levels.  Sometimes peaceful to simplify building.  In the higher difficulties, I can usually protect an area such that Hard is no more a threat than what I see on peaceful.

I scoff at newbs who run around like reckless dead-heads, whining that the creepers keep killing them because they insist on chopping down wood in the middle of the freaking night.


From a gameplay standpoint, it was fun finding ways to be safe in a dangerous environment.  I have little interest in playing stupid, just to make the game harder.


the roadmap for MC360 is pretty well set.  I don't forsee new monsters, except for Endermen that could defeat my simple strategy for safe playing in MC.  That's assuming I run into one, since he won't be spawning anywhere near my settlements.


I've seen some prettty cool video of monster mods like Cave Ogres that can destroy blocks to get to you.  We're not likely going to see those on the 360.


Is it just me, or is MC actually pretty easy, regardess of difficulty level?

Should monsters maybe come out in hordes every 30 days, based on the phase of the moon, so the players have to build up and reinforce?

Should some monsters be smarter and able to **** my walls or take down torches so other monsters can spawn in?

The biggest difference in difficulty is that zombies can break down doors on Hard.  Otherwise, doing more damage is of little concern when I can prevent them from ever seeing me.


It seems like that's a shortcoming to more challenging play on Survival mode.


Adventure mode may solve some of this, by preventing any building, but that also misses some of the charm.  I like being able to build some defenses.  I'd just like some different challenges to push my defense building strategies.





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They will eventually get somewhat more challenging when they get their path finding upgraded. They will no longer walk straight into walls but around them  to get you. Even when you don't see them at first, they will sense you and find a way to get to you. Gets really intense when multiple mobs come at you at once.

I've never seen surviving as difficult just as long as you aren't wondering around outside during night. Creepers are the only mob that I.. dislike, only because they don't make a sound. Can't wait for the path finding upgrade. (Just wish there was a way to turn of creeper spawning.)

MC PC is easier.  I think they actually made it hard for the XBox360 because they know how we like our punishment.

I don't think it's too easy...that first night is murder! and I mean it's still easy enough to get slaughtered by a horde of mobs down in a cave or's only safe and boring, or too easy, if you have everywhere you need to go thoroughly lit up and walled in so nothing ever spawns......if you're living it up all safe and cozy in a bloody great fortress or something, of course a small stupid rabble of mobs outside isn't going to be much of a threat to I've said many times before, the game is what you make it...if you build yourself an unfair advantage, of course you'll find it too easy

the first night is murder when you don't know what to do ( I died lots of time on my first time).  After that, it's easy.

dig up dirt.  Make a short tower,  dirt the door closed. Leave 1 block windows so you can see threats.  Put up torches if you were able to get supplies.

failing that, dig up dirt, and jump stack your way up to >16 blocks high which is the sight range of MOBs.  Stay up there for the night.


For cave exploration, bring lots of sand and torches.  Plant torches as you advance, at least 1 per 12 blocks.  if it looks shady, light it up.

use sand to block off branches that you have not explored yet.  Put a torch on the all inside this branch before you wall it off, so monsters won't spawn RIGHT there.

I use sand in caves, because it's not naturally occuring down there.  Which means you'll recognize it as your own if you come across sand in a dungeon.


As for unfair advantage?  I can build anything.  But the steps I describe aren't advanced, and they make any activities you engage in a lot safer.  The steps I describe are also common sense in securing your perimeter before advancing.





the functional point of building defensive perimeters and other structures is precisely to keep yourself safe from I don't really see why you would go and do that, and then start complaining about those structures actually serving their purpose effectively...think it's too easy?...go take down your walls and torches and play on level terms with the won't be complaining about how easy it is then...this thread is really kinda just created your own "problem"...

What he's saying is maybe some mobs such as the cave ogre that have the ability to make your "safe house" not so safe. I'm for Minecraft getting more difficult.

MentallyCryppled gets my point.


It doesn't take a lot to make a secure position because the MOBs are a little too limited.  Securing your position makes sense in EVERY video game where you can do so. Unless the game just keeps spawning in monsters (halo, COD), you kill all the monsters in a room before you advance to the next room, so they don't come up behind you.  If you can close or block a side passage that you didn't explore, you do so.


Having some special monsters that occasionally appear to shake things up would give yet another purpose to building up a fort.  You don't need much to protect yourself from the 4 basic monsters (creeper, spider, zombie, skeleton).  Imagine if every 30 nights, a horde shows up that can climb walls, open doors, blow up sections to get at you?  What if there was a flying threat to attack your perfect sky castle?

It may not take anything overwhelming.  Just an initial event to weaken your defenses so the regular monsters have a chance?  a 1 in 100 chance of a meteor strike near your position (to blow a hole in your walls so zombies can pour in).  Or if Herobrine snuck in and stole 20 torches from your area while you slept?  Or a flying monster that scoops up land MOBs and drops them inside your perimeter?

Those ideas basically shake things up, once the player gets comfy with his impervious fort.  there are probably ways to thwart them.

At present, in order to see any danger, I would have to engage in risky behavior.  I've thwarted the natural danger of the world, and have no reason to seek it out for the sake of getting myself killed.  But if the game were better able to seek me out, that might change the playing field.  That would drive me to create new defenses against the new threats.  That could be fun.







Im down for some natural disasters besides lightening catching my wool on fire...

On the pc they have a ton of mods for different creatures and what not my two fav are elemental creepers and the pack creeps and weirdos they also have mods for tornados to spawn

During severe storms which will play jenga with your buildings if there's enough outcry/support a lot of these mods may just be integrated along with cave ogres Or Atleast added for dlc

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