Should I?

So I have the first Magic game and it actually got me to play Magic for real. Anyway I LVOE the original game and dont mind the fact that you can't customize and what not becasue of my relitive Noob-ness. I still play the orignal daily and still have fun, and REALLY want to unlock all cards for all decks and not pay.

Why do I need the new one? Ive read a few forums, and dont get what the diffrence is, I mean people say but I dont get archenemy ect. Should... SHould I bother yet? Espiecally since I still love the first one?

Feedback would help.


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You should. It has all-new cards. The looks have been improved. (The sound hasn't... but you can just play your own music.) It plays smoother.

I don't like archenemy yet, those events (or whatever) are harsh. If I get the hang of it, I will probably like it as well.

The biggest pro is that it gives you more freedom to customize your decks. You can actually remove the default cards.

Like I said the cutomization isnt that big of a deal for me. so if thats it The new cards arent enough of a justifcation for me to get it. I looks (from the trial) cramped and crowed compared to the old one....Sad..

I have actually enjoyed 2012 more than the previous one. The achievements are pretty easy par the challenge one and archenemy campaign completion one. You could get 165G in about 4-5 hours if you play your cards right :)

If you really like the first that much then go for it, if you are new to it I would say pass, I wish I hadnt bought this and I loved the first one. Archenemy is terrible, and Im sick of playing matches for an hour to lose over something ridiculous or getting beaten in the first few minutes because the computer can pull 3 or 4 kill creature cards in a row then pull a few player damage cards.

bot sounds like you just need to get better at the game i have played through the game on basicly planeswalker difficulty and beat it. once you learn the decks and everything it is simple to beat the computer. also archenemy is awesome when you get the hang of the side deck that the computer has, adds a little more difficulty and adds a team based gametype to magic which is awesome. not to mention 2 headed giant finally being online without having to have your teammate playing on the same console.

all in all its a great game and for 800 points its definitely worth it. I recommend buying it.

Its a die-hard only buy if your not that much into MTG I would just keep the first one, if you don't have any MTG games or want to learn how to play then I would buy Magic 2012 instead of duels.

The new one is much better than the first.  Don't know why you think it's so 'cramped'. I think maybe you have an issue with change.

I'm certainly no diehard, but this is definitely a must buy if you liked the first one.

If you loved the 1st game you won't regret spending $10 on this game, you will get your $10 out of it.

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The new one is much better than the first.  Don't know why you think it's so 'cramped'. I think maybe you have an issue with change.


I don't know if I would say cramped, but the perspective is worse in 2012, and by that I mean you can't read any of the cards without zooming in on them unless you are sitting right in front of your TV.  I have an HD TV and had no problems with reading cards on the 1st game, but on this one you have to squint to read the cards if you are sitting at any kind of a distance, unless you zoom in on them.  The text is definitely smaller, theres no arguing that, I just don't know why they would make the text smaller.