Should I "Kinect"?

Im considering possibly getting a Kinect here soon. ...Maybe.



My question is (from people who own them) Is it worth it?



and my second question, How much does a Kinect cost these days?


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I paid about £100, but that was at Christmas.  A quick search has just highlighted GAME doing it with Kinect adventures, and free delivery for £79.99.


Its proved a big hit with my kids, but hasnt offered anything of note for me yet. That said, I was encouraged by a few games at E3. Ryse being one of them, that I was particularly interested in.


It does depend on what you want from it of course, but for me, no reason to rush out to buy it just yet.  A definate 'watch this space' though, imo

Come on... seriously?  Do you actually read any of the posts in the other threads?  Kinect is the topic of interest in about half of all conversations, especially around this year's E3.  Jeez.... you know all you're going to get is a bunch of debate.  YOU are the only one who will be able to make the decision of whether it's worth it...  And if you have no way of trying it out, oh well...

But no, it sucks.  There, happy?

I say wait for the next generation of Kinect products.

IMO it all depends on what you want it the moment the games are only casual but there is some great games coming out.if you want to video chat it is better than the live cam with auto focus and a crisper picture.if you shop around you can get it fairly cheap (i paid £130 for mine which was a little too much at the time) it really is a matter of your own opinion as some will say avoid it and others will say its the best thing ever.i enjoy playing with it but its just not 'hardcore game' enough at the moment.

my girlfriend wanted one, so I got her one.  It's fine.  I can use it for Zune and Netflix.  The games are ok, and better when friends are over.  The Kinect Fun Labs apps are good, plus they are free.  I'd wait, unless you see a couple of games you really want to try.

Well the games currently aren't extremely interesting so I'd advise waiting for winter where bundles will appear and perhaps some Black Friday sales.

Eh the games pretty much blow so far..

The new Kinect Gadgets think looks pretty interesting, though not enough to drop $100 on yet.


If they ever release some better games for it I will consider.

With the current games i would have to say no, unless you want do some home gym workouts and keep fit.


The Kinect has a lot of potential but at the moment there are only basic games released which only shows 15% of what the kinect does. I bought it because i know that it will be big in the future and microsoft will push it into their major game releases in the future, plus a little exercise wont kill haha.


I suggest that you wait another couple of months until the great games get released like mass effect 3, star wars and gears of war 3 which will all use the kinect.

You don't only show FIFTEEN PERCENT of what something does at E3... Wait a minute... wait...  No...  Let me rephrase that...  You don't only show FIFTEEN PERCENT of what something that's been out for six months does at E3.

I have a Kinect, and while I definitely don't hate it, I do have a few gripes with it. So far the game selection is pretty limited (though, they are at least TRYING to work on that). That being said, the games that are out for it are fun for the casual/recreational gamers out there. My gf, friends, and myself enjoy occasionally popping in the Kinect Sports or Kinect Adventures, and the Kinect Sports 2 that was announced to release does look like a nice addition (adding a few of the sports that we noticed weren't incorporated in the first).


Another thing to point out, and I really can't stress this enough...  MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH PLAYING SPACE! The Kinect says it needs something like 6-10 feet between the sensor and you... And it really isn't kidding. I have about 8 feet between the Kinect Sensor and the edge of my couch, and while that allows for most 2 player games (ie. Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures, etc), I have run into issues with other games (ie. Your Shape Fitness - requires me to go back further than I can just to do a simple lunge). Also, be aware of ceiling space. You will be jumping and swinging your hand over your head for many games... a low ceiling is not Kinect's friend.

The new Kinect Fun Labs that released a few days ago is a bit of a let down. In theory, the things it allows you to do could be lots of fun (ie. create an avatar that looks just like you, or scan objects). The downsides to this are that the scanning feature is kind of... well ... pathetic. Honestly, the lighting has to be absolutely PERFECT or else you get some blotchy colour pattern all over your face, or your scanned objects come out distorted... Also, what's the point of creating an avatar that looks just like you, but not be able to use it? Just create a character ... for the sake of creating one? Sure you can upload pics of it, but that's about as far as you're able to go.  A bit of a let down.


I guess if you're asking if it's worth the money, I'd say that it would really depend on how much use you'll get out of it, and how much you value your spending cash. I have no serious regrets about purchasing it. If you're a casual/recreational gamer or have kids, it's a decent buy. There probably isn't any harm in waiting a while though... just to see what kind of advances they make to the Kinect experience in the future.

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