Should I get this game?

I played Fallout 3 and really enjoyed it but I heard this game isn't as in depth as FO3. Would you guys recommend it?


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I'd say New Vegas is more in depth than FO3, the map might not seem quite as big as f3 but for me at least there's more to see and do, the ability to mod weapons, a more strategic use of supplies and expanded companion options make it the better game.

i just got it ,not as polished as 3 but still enjoyable

Whoa now. I would say NV is FAR more in depth than Fallout 3. Yes you should get this game, it is amazing.

its a fun game if you get all the updates, whice are available threw live...but FO3 was way more hardcore than vegas i think but give it a spin! its really kewl

The story was a tad stronger in Fallout 3, but as NEUROTIC HOG wrote there's much more to do in terms of those little things.  My draw with FNV is that I can actually make things unlike the last one where you needed schematics & even then you could only make a certain amount of things.