Should I get the DLC?

Just beat Mass Effect for the first time and working on my second playthrough, just wondering if the DLC is worth getting, I've heard many bad things and good things about it.


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IMO...Bring Down the Sky is worth it, Pinnacle Station not so much.

What's the difference in price and the dlc overall?

Pinnacle Station is 400msp. The dlc is basically combat challenges in 4 different scenarios and 3 different locations. If you loathed ME gameplay you won't like this one.

Bring Down the Sky is only 80msp.  This one is story dlc and is takes place in an asteroid set  for collision  with the colony world of Terra Nova. It last around 2 hrs on your first playthrough. The outcome is mentioned in Mass Effect 2 and quite possibly in Mass Effect 3 (i really hope for a conclusion of the paragon choice).

Bringing down the sky is well worth getting. As well as the story part and the fact that it introduces Batarians there are quite good rewards. If your charm or intimidate is high enough you can get a very powerful omni-tool as a reward.

Pinnacle station is OK although it can be frustrating on higher difficulties. The reward is your own apartment with some perks like a grenade and medkit refills and the ability to order powerful mods from a trader in orbit. You don't actually see this trader though you just order the mods on a computer.

BthS is worth getting.

For me Pinnacel Station was only worth playing for the achievement. It is just combat and there is no story. I just played it on easy to get it over with.