Should I get Oblivion or Dragon Age: Origins? I can only get 1 game and I'm trying to decide. Bioware made DA: O and I loved Mass Effect so I'm kind of leaning towards that one more. But Bethesda made Oblivion and I hated Fallout 3 (combat system sucked, had to travel to much), which is made by the same people, so I'm not sure about Oblivion. I need opinions, which is the better game????


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If you hated the fact you have to travel too much then in my opinion you sohould not get oblivion, Dragon Age in a way is very much alike Mass Effect, minus the guns :L

I Would Recommend Oblivion.

Dragon Age Isn't That Interesting

(Though The Story Is Fantastic)

Oblivion Is Just The Better Of The Two

That is a difficult but easily answerable decision when you weigh the strengths and weaknesses of both Dragon Age and Oblivion. In terms of storytelling, Dragon Age provides a highly intriguing narrative, whereas Oblivion provides a rather uninspiring story. In regards to "free play" (the ability to do whatever you please in a video game), Oblivion is dominant, whereas Dragon Age is restrictive and limiting. However, in the area of gameplay both games are strong: with Oblivion, the combat is more action-oriented; with Dragon Age, the combat is traditional and akin to computer role-playing games. Overall, I concede that both games provide distinct, thoroughly enjoyable experiences; I highly recommend both.

Way too tough to decide. I mean Oblivion is truly the king of console RPG games, but then Dragon Age has the cool origins things and so many ways to play the game.

I'm Oblivions biggest fan I t ruly am, but Dragon Age would pip it if I could only choose one of those games. But get the ultimate edition with all DLC for Dragon Age.

I had to make the same choice. I went with "Dragon Age" mostly because I found out that there are no party members in Oblivion. I say just go with Dragon Age since you don't like that whole open world thing. Oh and like and like Brako Von Gloom said "get the ultimate edition with all DLC for Dragon Age" otherwise you will be annoyed 'bout the fact that you can't store items.

I have played them both, and if I had to choose to go back and play one today, I would return to Dragon Age: Origins.

Bioware is master of story and it shows in DA:O.

Truly is a immersive experience! Highly recommend it.