Should I get Mass Effect 2 or Dragon Age 2?

Stuck between getting Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age 2.  I'm looking for a new RPG because I'm going to trade in Fable 3 because I am disappointed in it.  For me, the changes that were made in Fable 3 made me feel as though it was completely stripped of it's RPG elements.  I played the demo for Dragon Age 2 and i thought it was great.  I never finished the first Mass Effect because i got annoyed with some issues that made it frustrating for me to get through it, so if i decide on m.e.2, i may have to watch a spoiler video to catch up on the story haha.  So what do yins think?  Thanks!


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Dragon Age: Origins.

yeah i thought about that too, i'm still not sure weather i like that style of combat though, i never got into it.  I like the action RPG type of combat like they created in the 2nd one.  That's just me, I may put it on my gamefly account though


    Mass Effect 2 is much improved in terms of game play compared to ME1, you should probably give it a try. As for DA2... I wouldn't bother. Unless you like running around the same level over and over again, completing some random fetch quest line all the while fighting tedious hordes of identical enemies.  

    I know the same could almost be said of any RPG, but at least they make it presentable. I almost wonder if EA held guns to the heads of Bioware employees during the development cycle to ensure that Dragon Age would become as generic and casual as possible.

You should get one of the 2 starter games. If you play though Origins or ME you can import your save and make your own story. but if you want one of these, what do you like? Guns? get Mass Effect 2, Like swords and magic? Get Dragon Age 2. Both are very good games

In regard to Dragon Age: Origins vs Dragon Age II, go for the first. The story is far richer, the environments more varied and the characters feel far more alive.

As for the combat, it is near identical. The only real difference is that in Dragon Age II you have the option to mash the A button to do basic attacks, rather than it happening automatically.

Moving on to Mass Effect 2. My loyalty sticks to the first game but ME2 moved to a far more third person shooter style and stripped out most of the 'RPG' elements, so if you found the first game a little slow then you might enjoy the quicker pace of the second.

Also you need not worry about missing out on all the choices from the first game. There is a DLC available for the second game, Mass Effect Genesis, that lets you make the big choices from the first. Not as good as playing the first game but it will let you tailor the story a little more to your liking.

So for me it comes down to Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2. Out of that pair I would pick Origins but it does follow very much like the first Mass Effect, in that the story is richer but it is a more slower pace, so ME2 might be the best choice for you.

A lot of rambling there. Hopefully some of it was helpful. 

Since you played the Demo and didn't mind the combat get Dragon Age 2. Finish ME1 and by then you should have enough money for ME2.

Have you heard of Dark Souls? It's a fun RPG, if you're looking for some difficulty.

THey are both 19.99 so you really cant go wrong with either. Though I havent picked up Dragon age 2 yet since im still playing dragon age 1.

I am also starting over in Fable 3 since I lost my save game. I think this fable is far better than fable 2. I was so bored goingthrough fable 2 i finished it years after i initially bought it. This one is far better. Nice graphics, good vboice acting, more detail in characters. but to each their own.

Did you like Mass Effect 1 or Dragon Age: Origin's better? Follow up on the series of your preference. Don't randomly jump into a sequel though, lol.

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