should i get it?

i know best buy has it for 9.99,  but is there dlc that I should buy?   or just wait for the goty version that might have the dlc with it,  and get rid of the bugs


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That's a tough call.  I have it (for the "other" system) & I adore it.  Fallout 3 has the better story, but I like FNV more in that you can do more, especially in the making things department.  While the current patch has helped immensely & the game isn't as buggy as it was, in my case at least it's prone to slowdowns once the  save file~size is over 7 MB.  The DLC is OK but I've only tried & beat Dead Money & wasn't too enthused with it,  the DLCs are roughly $10 each thus  far so you'd be shoving $30 as of this moment & there's still 2 DLCs to go. I got it 'cause I wanted the LE version.  


I'd say wait for the GoTY version, as much as I want you to have it & enjoy it now, the bugs are still there.  With the GoTY the version will be relatively stable & you're bound to have all the DLC to boot.

I just got it today from Best Buy, an i did not need to ask other people if this was worth the 10 bucks.

Like already mentioned just wait until the end of the year when GOTY comes out. But if You like challenges You can buy this game and relive even more instability issues then Fallout 3. It's always fun to have the screen lock up or have file corruption issues. It's a fun game, but just think of Oblivion with guns and replace the dungeons with vaults.

I say get it now. Only two of the four DLC are out, and the game is good enough without them. IMO Dead Money is not even worth getting and Honest Hearts is a one or two time play. This game is solid, go ahead.

thanks i think i'll wait.

thanks,  i think i'll wait.

Get Fallout 3 in the meantime, that way you'll have some idea of what you're potentially getting into

i got fallout 3 goty edition and loved it.  

Oh, NVM then.