Should I get Halo MCC?

i have never been a fan of first person shooters. Always been an rpg guy. Then a friend talked me into getting Destiny and playing that with him and I'm loving it!  So I've been thinking about getting MCC. I've never played any halo games at all. I have heard the multiplayer is a mess. But I'm not a big pvp guy so I don't really care about that. I just want to play through the campaigns and experience the halo story.  Or is the single player mode a mess too?


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Good info. I will put MCC on my list. Maybe it will be on sale for gold members in the near future. Thank you!

I'm not into multiplayer/on-line gaming, but I have played all of the Halo game campaigns (Original XBox and XBox 360) and thoroughly enjoyed all of them.  When I picked up my Xbox One, the first game that I purchased was MMC.  I've been playing all of the campaigns again and haven't had any problems.  For me, MMC was definitely a good purchase.