Should i get GTA IV or wait for GTA V??

I have a amazon gift card and i can get something for under $21. Its FREE for me. Should i get it, since its FREE???!!!?? Or should i get NFS the Run or GoW 3?? or earphones?? For FREE!!


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Wait for GTA V. When it comes out, it will be big game of the year. When it comes out, others will also be migrating from IV to V.

GTA V is expectd to outdo GTA IV at least tenfold. Just wait for V with the rest of us. Pickup a hobby; tends to past the time rather well from my personal experience.

GTA4 is sitll an awesome game. The multiplayer isn't what it used to be, but if you enjoyed singler player from the previous GTA games then it's still worth playing.

Yeah just what Lestat573 said. If you enjoy singleplayer then it's worth playing cause it isn't bad at all. But the mutiplayer is full of hackers and modders and it's really not fun anymore. But if you want good mutiplayer and singleplayer at the same time, then just wait for V.

I'm disappointed in GTA IV and R*. Multiplayer could have been great if they included most of what these so-called script mods included.I'm pretty sure other players want to be able to CHOOSE their player model or have an option to cutomize it, modify their vehicles, and spawn any vehicle they wish on the spot. I frown upon the others though like infinite rockets, setting people on fire and causing explosions on the spot.

Get both, I picked up a "GTA IV" used Copy for £6.99

You just cant go wrong.

Peace out !