Should I Buy?


Sorry for the generic question but I was wondering is this game a good purchase?

Watched the gamespot review and the game looks like my kind of game, I understand its meant to be hard and has a few other problems which don't really bother

Just wondering if its worth my £40?

Feedback would be appreciated


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It is well worth the purchase. It is a game that will make you mad due to all the deaths that will happen to you but you will never be able to put the controller down. It is very addicting and very brutal if you're not careful. I have Rage as well and what to play it but Dark Souls has been getting all my attention.

If the 40 quid is not a big issue to you, I would say yes definitely give it a shot, but make sure you play through at least half a dozen bosses before deciding if you like it or not.  There is a lot of repitition involved in the game so if you don't like grinding, I would advise you to consider that there is a lot of grind.  If you saw the review and feel it might be your kind of game, you should give it a shot.

Be aware that this game will not hold you by the hand at nearly any point. It takes a very old school approach to how a player should tackle problems, it's not going to let you off if you make a mistake.

Thanks for the advice, just bought it. So heres hoping. :)

Good luck

you will be glad you bought it...i was a little iffy as well...not being really big into rpg. but i lovethis game. a peice of advice go slow...obsereve your surroundings have a shield USE THAT $HIT! and play like you are actually the character and it is your life on the line...once i realized this the game got a lot better.

Its well worth the money.  Just dont expect this game to go easy on you, nor for it to hold your hand.  Very first level, youre dropped into an area, with a rusty dagger, and a giant boss that you need to get past.  Its not a game that you can really rush, and get through as fast as possible, and dying is...well, expect it a lot

I'm just hoping I never chose a bad class, went with the Knight class. Really hard but I am realising how essential the shield is

The starting class really only affects the first hour or two of the game. You can basically make your character any way you want once you get out of the undead asylum.