Should i buy this game ?

i just saw some vids on youtube ? I would love to play some of those multiplayer games !!!

my question now : are there many ppl playing this game online and wich one should i take ? 


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Lots of people still played this game last time I checked, I would definitely recommend it and the DLC, Undead Nightmare pack is (at the very least) in the top 5 best DLC's ever.

Yes, many people still play the game but there is a huge skill curve. One end is the new people who only play online for a week or two and their gone. The other end is the hardcore players who been playing this game since release and can headshot like nobody's business. Then there are a few casual players who doesn't play so hardcore. So it'll be good to get in with the hardcore/casual players so you can have a better experience.

If you only want to play multiplayer with all of the add-on then you should but the Retail disk of Undead Nightmare. It has everything except the original single player.

Thx for the info guys

i will inform you once i played a few games online  

the campaign is one of the best ever!! it will keep you busy for a long long time if you do all the missions. it starts a little slow but once you get going there is so much to do. this won game of the year mostly on the single play campaign. the multiplay is very good too. its just different than most shooters. this game gives you more bang for your buck than most any other game out there.

I've borrowed this off a friend. And I think it's brilliant. At the mo, I can only play it in small doses as I'm not quite fully "into it" yet...(and I now have Fallout: NV, which I also recommend!) but when I have played it I've really enjoyed it. The above poster is right about it being slow to start but I'm confident when I get passed that I will completely embrace the game and it may prove to be one of my favorites!

The game is great, and Im sure you will not be disappointed in it. The Undead Nightmare DLC is a must, but I recommend getting the pack for a little more MS points but comes with Liars & Cheats, and another one that I cant recall off the top of my head. The Undead Overrun in multi-player is mega cool, lots of fun

This really is a fabulous game.  I finished the single player campaign in February and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.  In my opinion, a much more enjoyable game than GTAIV which I found a little dull to be honest.

I completed the Undead Nightmare DLC earlier this week.  A different experience than the main campaign, this isn't as deep, and more repetitive, although as this is DLC, I think this is as you would expect.

I've not really bothered with the multiplayer side, so can't comment.

As you can pick the game up pretty cheaply now, and the DLC is just 800MSP, you wouldn't be disappointed.

It's worth playin just for story mode but I'm not to impressed with online mode any more. There not as many people on as it as use to be but all the dlc are out so it's pretty much ran it's course for the old players but is well worth getting, I think xbox Market has undead night mare on offer at the moment


Red Dead Redemption is easily one of the top 5 games of this generation of consoles.

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