Should i buy the old map packs?

Ok, so they're not really "old"... But anyways, I just got back into black ops again and got the new map pack and really like it. The change of scenery is nice.

How are the last two map packs?

Also, I don't care about the zombie maps, I hardly play that


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I like the second map pack better than the first. I haven't bought the new pack yet.

I love the Escalation maps, hated the First Strike maps...

any other opinions?

I'd look for reviews online but i trust players like all of you more than a website

I would buy them, even if I don't like all of the maps it is worth buying them just for the variety when playing online!

I rarely see any of First Strikes map as of late so I would go with Escalation and Anihilation first since there the newest and if you crave more get then you can get the First strike pack last.

First Strike - No

Escalation - YES

That's what I was thinking. It is nice to not get the same maps every few games

Thanks for the info everyone

The recent map pack, Annihilation, is the best map pack released.

Yeahh this DLC looks great! but in Puerto Rico is not available