Should I buy Dark Souls, or Dark Souls 2?

I was going to buy Dark Souls 2, but then I got worried that it might be too hard and I wouldn't like it, so I thought about getting Dark Souls instead because it's a lot cheaper. Any help? Is Dark Souls 2 a lot better?

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Well, you missed out.  =/  Dark Souls 1 was on sale for Gold members recently for 5 bucks.

As for which one is better... I can't help you out as I haven't played either.  Sorry.

I've finished DS1 and currently playing DS2.  I would suggest DS1.  Not because a story or anything connects but only because the price is likely much less.  If that special is still on for a fiver, get it.  The graphics between the two are the same and controls are very similar.  There are a few game mechanics that they changed in DS2 vs 1 but nothing over the top.

Dark Souls was funny for me.  I downloaded it, played it for a day -- sucked SOOOOO bad at it that I didn't touch it again for about 6 months.  Bored over the holidays I gave it another shot and goggled it a bit so I had a basic idea about the game and became addicted.

There is little instruction in the game and I didn't originally understand 'humanity' and weapon upgrades etc.  There is a learning curve for sure and regardless of if you pick 1 or 2, this curve will be there.  It is a grueling, frustrating game that made me feel like an adolescent screaming and kicking in rage many times over wanting to throw my controller at my screen.  However, it was also the most euphoric game I have played when you finally overcome an obstacle.  "I did it!"

Get whichever one is cheaper... if you don't like it, try it again at Christmas and fall in love :)

DS1 the  DS2. I be playing 360 less. But I plans still play it when I do not have a achievement earned on the one. But I be playing my dad if it works out.

DS1 first since it's cheaper.

So there is nothing better about Dark Souls 2 that makes it worth the extra money?

If you like Dark Souls games, then yes, there is plenty of things in Dark Souls 2 that make it worth the money.

You should try the first Dark Souls as it is cheaper and the game is not for everyone, especially those who require the game to hold their hand from beginning to end.  The games are not hard but unforgiving and require patience.

As others have said, try the first one, if you like it enough to finish it buy the sequel, and hopefully by the time you do that it will have had a price drop, win win!

Or you could try Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen, it's similar but more forgiving.

I want Dark Souls 2 but I wont download it because then Microsoft will be able to tell me when I can or cannot play.I will wait until I can get it on disc.Seeing it on Twitch though has me worried the graphics are worse than Dark Souls 1.OP-its a fun game.The controls are simple.Dodge, block, parry,die.Repeat often.Dont let the difficulty scare you off.5 years from now people will still talk about this game and you will think" I wish I would have tried it when I had the chance"

^^ Sometimes I think your whole schtick is just some act.  You are aware that Dark Souls 2 came out this past Tuesday and you can get it in disc format, right?

Umm..actually I am quite well aware the game is on disc.Youre trying too hard to look for something in my post that isnt there.I live 22 miles from town and thats why I dont have it.

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