Should I aim for 60 cards?

Hey I've been playing Magic a long time but aren't that great. The ability to remove cards from your base decks now is huge and I was wondering if I should ALWAYS try to aim for a 60-card deck as much as possible?

So far my strategy has been to use all the unlocks (which is stupid because some of them are terrible like the 3x green 4-cost 6-life giving sorceries) and everytime I add an unlockable card, I take a card out to compensate.

It's keeping my decks super streamlined and consistent. I was just wondering if I'm doing this right and should continue aiming for 60-card decks.

My trick to decide which card to take out is when I press DECK STATS with Y, I check which casting-cost group is too heavy. Like if I have too many 3-cost or 4-cost spells relative to the others, i try to trim there first.

Anyway, this is how I've been approaching this for now. I assume later on down the road the community will come up with ideal deck builds for the 10 decks and people can use that if they agree with it. But for now, i'm just having fun.


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If you're having fun, then you're doing it right! You can have more than 60 if you wanted, 60 is just the minimum.

IRL, yeah 60 cards.. in this game.. probably doesn't matter..

But that's part of the fun of magic anyway, test your deck out with 60, test it with more than 60, and figure out what works best for you.

I'm keeping mine at 60 as well. I've tried using 65-70 card decks in IRL and they're NEVER as effective as they are after I trim them down to 60. One of the biggest factors of winning a match is having a consistent deck.

Just my $.02

Actually it does matter if for no other reason that there are cards in the maindeck that are not particularly good and should be taken out in favor of better cards.  In addition adding in a bunch of 1 ofs and taking out nothing only decreases the chances of seeing them.  What is the point of adding one Baneslayer Angel to a 75 card deck?  Streamline the deck, you dont need every beater, you need some beaters--when you get better ones take them out.  You don't need every 2/2 two mana cost creature, if you have a good curve and unlock better ones, replace the less useful ones.  A streamlined deck will have a greater chance of beating a bloated deck as it struggles to find its game winners, removal, etc.

Ykandis, thanks for the tips. Can you define and explain what you mean by a good curve? I assume it has something to do with casting cost distribution (when you press Y for deck stats) but I'm not sure