Should COD MW3 be a timed exclusive for 360?

Im big into BF3 but Im starting to get big into COD again. I know BF3 may be shown at the SONY press conference and MW3 shown at the MS E3 Press conference. I was thinking, for MS to steal the show COD wise, maybe they could announce a 1 or 2 month exlcusive for COD MW 3 or maybe more content or special features only for 360. What do you guys think?


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@Soaring, you said it man.............I wish I could see the $ loss of developers and Sony during the/this outage.  It's not hard to guess, but Microsoft will surely take the cake for awhile................well until Nintendo releases its HD console, LOL, j/k or not?

That would be quite a coup for Xbox and I could see that happening in the future especially since CoD always sells more units on Xbox over the PSN by a solid margin. But I highly doubt they'd do that this time around because BF3 is rumored to be released very close to MW3 and that would ineffability hurt MW3 sales and boost BF3.

That said, Activision and Microsoft will probably announce a time exclusive on map packs similar to Black Ops.

after the PSN fiasco, M$ will probably outsell SONY in game titles across the board for a while.