Should Bungie bring the LASO challenges to Firefight?

For fans of LASO and Firefight.
I think it would be cool if Bungie gave us a weekly LASO challenge where we have to complete a standard Firefight set on Legendary with all skulls on for every round, or score a certain amout of points in a certain amount of time to complete the challenge. I made a LASO Firefight gametype to test out (if you don't feel like making it yourself), that uses the default Firefight game type, but with all skulls on for every round. Who knows, mabey there's a few undescovered easter eggs to be found while doing this. I've tested it out with some friends and we had a blast. We beat the first round once on Unearthed. We have yet to acually complete a set of LASO Firefight, but I believe it's possible. I think it's more challenging than the LASO campaign levels. That's why it might be better if Bungie set a specific score limit to reach to complete the challenge.

Firefight does not use the Iron skull or the Thunderstorm skull, but if anyone can figure out how to make the effects of those skulls work in Firefight, then please share.
I also made a more insane LASO game type that uses all of the custom skulls to make it a true "all skulls on" game as well for an even greater challenge.
Red skull makes the covenant more "trigger happy".
Blue skull sets the covenant's luck to "leprechaun".
Yellow skull sets the covenant's vision to "eagle eye" and their hearing to "sharp".

I'd really love to see Bungie bring LASO challenges to Firefight and I would like anyone who's interested in this subject to post your thoughts and ideas about LASO Firefight.

PS: If you compete a set of LASO Firefight then post your video to prove that it's possible, lol. If not, then post your score and how long you lasted.


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Sounds really, really hard, even for the best firefighters.