Should Aquilus get his own game?

We all know that Desmond is lucky, for he descends from several famous Assassins. Altair, Ezio, and the newly introduced Connor. Each one of them has their own compelling stories, but obviously, they aren't the only few of Desmond's ancestors who are assassins. There is one more who has yet to appear in a game, his Ancient Roman ancestor, Aquilus.

Aquilus made his first appearance in the French Assassins Creed comics, which detail events not covered in the games. While the first issue, entitled Desmond features many non-canon elements, such as a living Subject 16, Issue 2 : Aquilus has been confirmed to be canon by Ubisoft.

In the story, Aquilus assassinates many high ranking Romans, and also makes contact with a piece of Eden: The Ankh.

While his significance to the story seems minor, the concept of Ancient Rome is one that has not been touched. We visited Rome at the end of Assassins Creed II and we were there for all of Assassins Creed Brotherhood, but Renaissance Rome differed greatly from it's ancient counterpart. Aquilus's story takes place in  the 3rd Century AD, over 1000 years before Ezio's, and 700 years before Altairs, and it would be interesting to see how Aquilius and his actions affected the story line.

Now I'm not saying Assassins Creed IV should be just based around Aquilus, I believe that he should get his own spin off game. Maybe a small one that simply reuses the Revelations/III engine. The ancient Roman empire was massive, and it would be nice to explore this. You could even ignore the cliche of dropping Desmond in the animus and just have the story be about Aquilus and his cousin, Accipter, a fellow assassin.

If you'd like to read more about Aquilus, check here, or more about the french comics, go here.

Do you think that Aquilus is deserving of a spin off game? Or should he be left untouched, since his story is far too small?


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I'd never heard of Aquilus so I thank you for that information. I think your quite correct as well, a Roman Era AC game would be awesome. TBH I would prefer a Feudal Japan setting (Samurais etc) but I don't suppose Desmond had a descendant from Japan :-(

^ you never know ?

A AC game set in ancient rome would be sick