Should a Christian play this game?

I myself am a Christian, do you think it's bad that I play this game? Serious question.

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Just so we are clear, Diablo is the ENEMY and you don't play anything but a good guy, I have found that while rife with blood and gore, this game has a clearly defined sense of good vs evil. I think the OP may have been just hoping for an interesting POV from players. This is a most diverse group we have here so I wouldn't go asking the OP to question his/her own beliefs just for asking.

Doesn't it all come down to this:

Killing demons = not getting in Satan's good graces


if you have to ask this then your beliefs got some serious issues.

there are more pressing matters in the world to worry about then a video game.

maybe ask yourself if you should be using a computer or a smarty phone... you know that smartphones are the mark of the beast... you hold them in your hand to your head they have your number and you will need them to buy and sell once we become cashless. LOL

Hell that [Profanity removed by Moderator]....its all good....its a game.

I read your headline wrong, I thought it read "should a christian be worried about playing this game?" To clarify you should play the game to your heart's content without feeling guilty. You aren't "sinning" by playing Diablo :P

Shouldn't your lifestyle be about the decisions you make in relation to your beliefs as opposed to what media you use as entertainment? Too often people are judgemental in regards to videogames, movies, music, ect. Your playing of this game isn't harming anyone or affecting anyone (yourself included) negatively so I don't see why you should feel guilty.  Do what you like and don't worry about the judgement or standards of others.

But to answer your question more directly: No.

A.) I've gone through the entire game once, and as far as I remember, there is no bad language or suggestive sexual themes or anything.

B.) You're killing demons and evil things for good and heaven.

C.) It is violent and some blood, but I don't think its as bad as some other games and movies have shown.

D.) In the end its a fantasy game.  Not as realistic as say, CoD or anything.  So does that really bother you?  I would NOT rate this "R"

I am a Christian myself and i play it... I guess it comes down to what you really believe.

If you have to ask this question then you're too brain washed and should not play it