Shotguns are for wussies

Enough said...learn to aim...losers.

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Shotguns are pretty up imo. I've yet to see a shotgun guy dominate consistently. They'll have their good games here and there but for the most part, they are useless. I rather use my trusty AR/SMG. FAL FTW!!

never tried the ksg, I use the remington with a laser and long barrel...but every time I go toe to toe with a ksg user I get hammered upon badly, can't get near enough to them to kill them lol

[quote user="Shadeaux"]

I'm guessing the elite stats only track unlocked guns? I must admit that the only one I have used is the stupid auto shotty one of the default classes comes with.

Kind of proves that I practice what I preach, as after seeing how utterly ridiculous that gun was, I never even unlocked a shotty as I thought it was simply stupid.


To call weapons stupid that you have not even unlocked or tried is just plain IGNORANT.

Not that Call of Duty Elite is accurate, but it says OP hasn't gotten a single kill with any of the shotguns in BO2 so far, and he has only been killed by the R870.

@Kanaye v2

I had to adapt. This is the first game I've ever used the shotty. Ive been an assault rifle cover n' aim kind of guy since COD4 but that wasn't working out so i had to try something new. And trust me, I've been killed by plenty of shotties.


no no no and no. I play nothing but TDM and Kill Confirmed where K\D is vastly more important then W\L. I'm constantly running around the map with the exception if I know for a fact someone is coming down a corridor i'll wait for them, otherwise Im always on the move, hence why i make it a point to use Perk 1 and 3 greed so I can have both lightweight and extreme conditioning. AND, I don't dashboard or any other form of cheating to manipulate K\D. Furthermore, in my earlier post I was simply debunking the suggestion that he made that stated using a shotty was not a kill profitable way to play the game. My statement telling him that he hadn't played against me yet was my way of saying, the way I play with a shotty IS valid AND yields a generous amount of kills, and if he were to play against me he would see that.

[quote user="Ice43Man"]

@ Lady Eh

Uh clearly not because ive yet to run into any that have be able to stop me and it's highly unlikely im just getting matched up with crappy players, especially considering that I never play Merc, which means even alone I play against clans and Im usually playing with at least one other person. My statement that the game isn't Assault Rifle Challenge wasn't to mean that in order to be good at this game you have to use a variety of weapons. There's 100% nothing wrong with finding something that works and rolling with it. I promise you what i do takes skill because there are plenty of guys running around with the same shotty getting their rear ends handed to them, and I was one of them when I first started using this play style. My point is each class of weapon requires a different play style but none are more legit then the other. If you use an assault rifle or LMG you're no better then a sniper or someone using a shotty etc. I don't know anyone that purposely experiments with other weapons just to brag and say they do, everyone i know does to it find the weapon and set up that yeilds them the most kills, so far this one is working out for me and until it stops, im not gonna stop using it. Call it whatever you want but anytime you're getting the kind of K\D i'm getting in my games, there's skill involved.

[/quote]Lemmee guess, Domination? And you have a negative W/L? Somebody will check these stats, LOL. K/D means nothing. Going 100-0 with a hundred kills but losing the game is well, LOSING. I had only made the point earlier that you had not played Defy, because YOU mentioned it in your post that he hadnt played you. If you read my first response to this thread, it stated shotties and snipers (IMHO) are "tougher" to use than an SMG/AR and I applaud people for putting themselves through these challenges. But making a thread bragging about K/D is silly. Anyone can camp, dashboard, etc to manipulate K/D.

Ice43man heres ya stats from yesterday lmfao,

5.53pm 10/10 k/d

5.40pm 13/19 k/d

5.26pm  4/6  k/d

5.17pm  13/30  k/d

5.11pm  8/16  k/d

12.07pm 22/22 k/d

11.55am 27/17

Not only does it look like your full of *** you jump out of games alot when your getting spanked!

Go play the game a bit longer then come back with a good ratio an brag about how leet you are.

You play TD game's an you aint good enough sorry your ratio dosn't lie.

Cause I use a shotty? I mean i guess if your answer is to run away from a challenge rather then actually adapt to counter it then sure. Like it or not every weapon in the game has a viable use, some can be manipulated to be annoyingly cheap like quick scoping with a sniper rifle but the shotty is meant for close quarters combat and thats the only way it's effective. The game isnt called Assault Rifle Challenge and thats why there's a variety of weapons to suit a variety of play types, each of which have a counter if you're willing to learn and adapt. Cheap playing (camping, quick scoping, etc.) Never yeilds a quality number of kills and when a play style does, such as the way i play using the shotty, it's a pretty safe bet its a legit way to play the game. If you can't figure out how to counter it, thats your problem and I'm not gonna feel bad playing the way I do.

[quote user="UK bakb0ne"]

I GOT GOLD KSG! PH33R M3!!!! ;)

[/quote] Does that mean you're shooting out golden slugs? lol

learn to aim lol, I aim 99% of my shots with my as it increases the range for the gun

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