Shotgun Suppresors

I'm hoping that we get an option to unlock these sometime soon. So far, they're only exclusive to DICE employees. I know it isn't a whole lot, but it seems like it would be fun to use them. Also, the ballistics scope is DICE only for shotguns as well.


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Going to contribute? I haven't used the shotguns, nor have I played more than a few rounds lately as time has been sparse. Care to elaborate on what you're problem might be?

Sorry about the facepalm but I guess should have just said my opinion instead.

I guess having the suppressors for the pump action shot gun is not really a bad thing since they are quite powerful (mostly one hit kill with a shot to the body) but if it's implemented to sem-auto shotguns it is going to be a problem since it takes 2-4 shot to kill a guy with it (unless you are decently accurate to get a lot of headshots with it)

Oh, no, I completely understand that. Don't get me wrong, I don't see a real purpose for them, but just having them would be fun to mess around with once in a while. Plus, if it degrades a bit of the power then maybe it will make things more challenging. Not sure about the ballistic scope for the 870, though.

In the beta when I unlocked different kinds of scope for the 870... I started laughing so much that I died over and over again. It was ridiculous but maybe smart in its own way?

Well, sniping with slugs was fun in BC2, maybe a rifle scope and more will make it even crazier?

You can still put the 6x and 7x scopes on shotguns, it's just the 12x that's locked. I did find it funny though that the suppressors are DICE employees only when there's suppressed shotguns in the campaign / coop.

shotguns are for scrubs tbh.

kinda like c4.

well, that sucks... but i'd never use them anyways... slugs, NV, and laser are all you need.

And Revenge sounds jelly.