Shortcut from Blighttown to Firelink Shrine

I've beaten the Witch Quelaag but now i don't want to take the reverse path all the way back.I know there's a shortcut from Blighttown to the Firelink Shrine going through the Valley of Drakes. But the door is locked and i don't have the key. How do I get it?


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Starting with the Master Key is actually a bad idea on your first play. You don't know where to go and you'll get lost a bit quick.

i think its been established that the starting gift should always just be master key, just makes life a little easier in the game, and other gifts are pretty useless and can be achieved in game anyway.

the master key unlocks that door as well

It's in a chest after you take the elevator type contraption up out of the swamps and onto the wooden walk ways before you exit out into the Valley of Drakes. If you explore a little the area isn't too big. Sorry I don't remember which one exactly.

Here's a video of someone showing you where it is on youtube: