Shortage of gold

Is there some way to have the vendors in this game carry more gold? I have tons of stuff I save because it is worth large amounts of gold but I never actually use them in the game. I think I have had a set of armor since level 25 (I'm level 44 currently) that I can never sell because they never have enough gold. My houses are full of expensive garbage.


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Get the Investment perk in the Speech skill tree, invest in the Riverwood Trader, and he should have around 11k gold.  Doing the Thieves guild quests can get you vendors with around 4k, but, that quest line is fairly tedious from what I hear.

What? I invested in that trade's store and now he has 1500. 11k?!?

I kinda wish the system was like in Oblivion: selling items doesn't make the vendor lose any gold. Easy to sell lots of items for 1k each :) But then again, Skyrim has it in a more realistic way. Blegh.

There have been plenty of people on these forums that can attest to the Riverwood Trader having 11,000 septims after investing in his business.  I am not sure if it is dependent on you returning the Golden Claw to him or not, but, that may have something to do with it.

Yeah, my Riverwood Trader had 11,750 every two days, but I don't know how he got it.  I've heard people say you gotta marry his sister to get it, but I didn't.  

It's not the claw for sure, I returned it to him. The game hates me :(

You can always wait 3 in game days for the vendor to restock. Sell stuff, rinse and repeat.

I'll have to check out the riverwood trader. I usually do wait until vendors restock their gold but it would take me a long long time to sell all this stuff by doing that. I am pretty far in the thieves guild quests, 4k would be much better than the normal 500-1000 they carry now.