Short helicopter rant, (Blackhawk, MI-42)

99% of the time the situations below happen to me...

Everytime I jump inside a transport helicopter the pilot is either seconds away from ramming it into the ground or flies over the objectives in OBVIOUS circles with out the smoke vehicle spec.

Then when the roles change and I'm the pilot I don't like my gunner to be on the right side of the blackhawk because I'm more susceptible of being sniped out of my seat. So I make it clear as day that I want them on the left side yet they just sit there shooting wildly into the air shouting "I'MMA SHRIM BOAT CAPTAIN LT.DAN!!!"

Even if they do some how manage to get the left gunner seat this happens... You have unlimited ammo with a gun that can tear through anything, yet they just sit there... "THERE"S A GUY ON SPOT LT.DAN!!!! BUT HE'S BEHIND A WALLL!!!!"

So yeah... This really grinds my gears and I was just wondering if any other decent pilots would agree with me on this.

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I hear you, must gunners aren't worth a damn. That is why I always squad up with a friend on chopper maps. Usually leads to some monster amount of kills. :D

I haven't really noticed this problem or I've just been lucky. I don't think you need to be so picky about which side someone guns on as 99% of the snipers in this game aren't nearly good enough to snipe you out of the cockpit. Since I've had the game on day 1 I've been sniped out of a chopper once

I've been sniped out 3 times. Two of them were because they were camping the spawn and sniped anyone hopping into the chopper. Other time was me as a gunner and the pilot stood still so they had a clear shot.

I don't normally get in  choppers wiv randoms, don't trust them. Some people are good others not so. I cant recall being sniped out of a chopper while in flight. The only time its happened to me is when sniper's are aiming at the helipad and killed me before takeoff.

Im not too bothered by that, Im a great pilot and rather have control than to be a gunner. But with random people, you cant hope for much cooperation.

my experience is the pilots are useless when I'm a gunner. without a stable gun platform you can't hit anything.

HC's a blast  playing crosshair, not even a presentable sight when you AimDownSight from the helo mounted 60 makes hitting targets fun...gotta walk your fire...wannabe "pilots" crying about lousy gunners is priceless

Something else I've noticed is that pilots seem to think the chopper is only capable of flying ten feet off of the ground, and then scream at me when a chopper that is actually flying high shoots us down.

Little do they realize that the chopper gunner can only shoot at things below the chopper.

I usually get decent pilots when I ride in a heli. However, when I'm flying, I always seem to get terrible gunners.


I'll bring the thing to a level hover, and they still can't hit the broad side of a barn. I remember this one game on Heavy Metal where I was flying the Hind. The enemy Apache had dived low to avoid a bunch of rockets from our Havoc, but then flew by underneath me. I spun my Hind around and dived onto his tail.


The Apache was dead to rights, but them my gunner completely ignores the kill shot he has on the Apache, and instead starts spraying rounds at some tank three kilometres away. Fortunately, the Havoc got him.


I get this all the time. People who shoot randomly into the air, people who can't lead targets with the chopper cannon, or people who don't fire at all. You've got a minigun and infinite ammo, use it!

"leading" a target with a mounted MG from a moving airborne platform takes a little finesse, you have to compensate for the helo's multidimensional motion....military and law enforcement personnel have to receive special training for lead and negative lead.

without a focal point or visual reference putting rounds on target without a sight is tough...thats why there's tracer rounds even in the game so you can walk your fire...but a crack addicted pilot who thinks trees are just "neato" can make it hard...either way, running a door mounted MG  isn't as easy sighting through your precious 12X scope

so, if you're such an "amazing pilot" aka wannabe...then fly your ridiculous lead-sponge by yourself....cause most decent ground players won't even look at you if you seem remotely DOOSH-like

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