Shop owners don't buy all my items?

I had an inventory weight of 295/300 and I wanted to sell a ton of stuff I found as loot to the shopkeeper in Whiterun, but most of it wouldn't even show up on the list for me to sell to him, so I'm wondering where I can sell all my unneeded potions and ingredients and whatnot.  I was given the option to sell weapons and apparel, but almost nothing else.  Where can I sell ALL my stuff?


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Some of your stuff will show up under "misc". Also, some owners only deal with merchandise that is related to their "specialty".

Also most wont buy stolen goods, you will have to find specific merchants that trade stolen items

As the games above said ...There is also perk in the Speech skill that allow you to sell all items in every store no matter if are stolen or not.

Blacksmithing = smithing stuff like ores, ingots, leather, gear. General goods stores will buy some of this too.


Alchemy vendors = food, ingredients, potions. General goods also buys some of this stuff.


General goods = most everything else.