Shoot down the Helios/Harriers!!!

Am I missing something? I feel as if everytime someone on the opposing team gets a killstreak, every team I am on neglects to shoot it down. Either I am the only one that switches to pull out my Stinger, or I sit inside while everyone runs out to their deaths.

I am the top scorer 98% of the time so I feel like I am doing it the right way, but if smarter, more experienced players know something I dont, please feel me in. Thank you!




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Congrats! Keep up the good work.

welcome to the world on online play

because they are clearly selfish and dont want to help their own team out. call of duty= lone wolves.

I have cold blooded just for the sake of not worrying about those things. Do it yourself, I'm not affecting the deaths.

This is why I have so many stinger destroys. Of course it would be finished but for some reason IW only counts choppers.

Also in Search and Destroy when a uav is launched, about 90% of the time at the start of the round. I'm the only one who will shoot it down. Jeez it takes only on mag/30bullets with sp to take on down,

I've noticed that people don't really pay attention to killstreaks unless its a Chopper Gunner or AC-130. People just run out there like sheep with Cobras and Harriers.