Shipped with 3 disks? Fallout 3 vs Mass Effect 3

 I know the title is a great big mess....but I had to find a way to get you into this thread ;)

So lets talk about Mass Effect. That game was shipped with and played all on 1 disk. That's the standard....I didn't think very much about it.

Mass Effect 2 was shipped with and played on 2 disk's. That was freaking awesome because we had THAT MUCH MORE game to play.

Will Mass Effect 3 be shipped with 3 disk's? Will they make this one a LONG EPIC battle? 40 hours just doesn't seem like enough for an all out intergalactic war with the Reapers.

Also....for those of you that fully played Fallout 3 and saw every inch of the map, all DLC and everything...we put in what? 120 hours or so? I think I put in 120 hours. How is it that Bethesda made ONE disk game + 5 DLC pieces that carried 120 hours but Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 are max 40 hours each?

How do you think the arc of Shepard's story will end? 40 hours as usual? or did Bioware decide to super build its swan song into something bigger? I'd be happy with 3 discs and 80 hours at least + 5 DLC packs LoTSB quality and some costumes and weapons and other stuff.

I personally think that AFTER we get done stomping the Reapers into some intergalactic buggy goo....we should get some fresh DLC that shows us anything that might be missed. A big ceremony, a movie deal (I'm kidding) a hit record (still kidding) lol

But no far as we know Mass Effect 3 bid's goodbye to Commander Shepard and I think every question should be answered and every nook and cranny explored.

I hope we get to go back to places we've been before as well as places we've never been....

OH and before I forget....does anyone know what year James Vega was born and where he fits in on the timeline?


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I could be wrong, but I'm guessing the need for ME2 to be on 2 disks was a result of your squad doubling in size from 6 to 12 (including Kasumi & Zaeed).


As a result dialogue would need to be recorded for each squad member for every possible mission they could be in your squad for. Add to that all the different versions of incidental dialogue required to take into account all of the different possible outcomes of events in ME1.


So I don't think it is a straightforward as saying 3 disks would equal more payable content.


As for Vega, no idea but probably around the same time as Kaiden & Ashley.

The only game I have with three disks is LA Noire.  The game has a huge and very detailed open roaming map of Los Angeles, the game with DLCs takes up over 20GB of hard drive space.  It's not necessarily a long epic, but very detailed and lots of sidequests, ME2 takes up over 17GB (I think) so it may just mean a more detailed varied gaming experience, instead of 'Gone With The Wind'...:-)

 Microsoft recently beta tested a new disc format. They sent out Halo Reach on copies of this disc. One my friends participated in the beta , he  told me the new disc is supposed to store much more info. How much more? I'm not sure on that.  When ME3 ships, it will most likely be on the new format. Does that mean 1, 2 or 3 discs ? I guess will find out closer to the ship date.

The new format is still a standard dual-layer DVD, the same disc that 360 games currently come on.


What they have managed to do though is shrink the video part of the disc, the bit you see when putting the disc into a PC or standalone DVD player.


This means there is around an extra 1gb of space for the developers to make use out of.

Yeah, the new format will mean that a single DVD can hold about 3gb of data. Anyway, I think that ME3 will be 2 discs again. The graphics don't that much improved (ME2 had awesome graphics so thats understandable) and as much as I want to think that there will be a ton of side missions to do I feel like there will be as much to do in ME3 as there was in ME2.

A single layer DVD holds a little over 4gb. The dual-layer DVDs used for 360 games are around 8gb.

I want like 10 discs lol, would love a ridiculously long game.

absolutely lol I love all things Mass Effect.

To me this is one of the best stories ever told...this is something you'd wait a lifetime to come across....I'm just afraid the 3rd game will feel too short like Mass Effect 2 did.

I felt short to me. I mean Cerberus rebuilt Commander Shepard and this Illusive Man won over the help and we assembled our crew pretty fast and it all felt rushed to me.

I mean don't get me wrong...Mass Effect 2 was a masterpiece...but at 40-60 hours including all DLC if we were lucky and we talked to EVERYONE and got EVERY piece of conversation from EVERY person on the Normandy.

Come was too short.

I just always go back to my memories with how long Fallout 3 was on ONE disk. didn't talk much, but 3 disc's I think could be at least an 80 hour game....I'd be happy to have a whole disk to install to the xbox for just the voicework to extend the story lol

I don't know...I don't know anything about making video games but I play 'em and this is by far the best one ever made (imo)

the dvd's that the 360 games are on are DVD-9's they hold 9 gigs of data.

[quote user="vader da slayer"]

the dvd's that the 360 games are on are DVD-9's they hold 9 gigs of data.

[/quote]No they don't. Despite being called DVD-9, the discs can only hold around 8gb of data. Even if you wanted to believe what the box tells you, they'd only be capable of holding 8.5gb at the very most.

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