Shifting Sands Flower help....

I have found all the flowers in the shifting sands but one, the orange one.  I looked for a walkthrough online and found exactly where it SHOULD be (almost dead in the middle of the open dessert part, next to a rock), but it is not there!!  Has anyone else had this issue, or have any suggestions?  Thanks for any help.


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Are you positive you're at the right place?  Once in the vicinity, does your dog start barking and trying to lead you to the spot? To answer your question, I did not have this issue, found all the flowers and the achievement unlocked as expected.


I had this problem with a guide i was using, if i remeber rightly and its the same orange flower, turn right just after the fort till you come to a big sticking out rock, turn about 90 degrees left and head to a small bunch of rock in the middle of nowhere (dog will probably start barking at this point) should be just behind them.

Hope this helps.

Thanks alot, that did help.  Think @@@ was just looking by the wrong set of rocks or something.  @@@ot them all now, Thanks!!