Sherlock Series 3 "The Empty Hearse" is not available Xbox 360 (I have the season pass)

I can't watch "The Empty Hearse" from Sherlock Series 3 on my Xbox 360.

I CAN watch the episode on my web browser at

I called Xbox support and they weren't able to fix the issue.

When I go to my purchase history that episode does not show up (3 other interview with the creators episodes that are included with the season pass shows up.)

I've tried refreshing the purchase history.

When I do a search for Sherlock, I can select the series.

The series has 3 seasons. I purchased season 3. When I select season 3 I have two buttons next to the box art: One that says "You have already purchased this" and the other says "Seeall episodes"

Nothing happens if I press "Already Purchased"

If I click "See all Episodes": I see all 4 episodes including "The Empty Hearse"

When I select "The Empty Hearse" I see the box art and an episode Description.

When I select one of the other episodes I see the box art, the description, and 2 buttons that say: Play, and Download

If I select an episode from season 2 (Which I do not own.) I see: a purchase button with prices HD and SD.

When I have "The Empty Hearse" selected I have none of those buttons.

I can't watch it and I can't purchase it.

Here's what I've tried.

Cleared system cache.

Deleted "Xbox Music an Video" app data.

Deleted the "Content Cache", Rights Database, and Marketplace data.

Deleted and recovered my Profile (Just the profile not "all items")

Xbox support refunded the purchase so I could repurchase the season but the Xbox 360 and still think I own it.


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